Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another couple of pillow finishes

I've really enjoyed making pillows lately. It's great seeing the results of my creative efforts so quickly!  We've made a couple of recent trips to visit friends and it's so fun giving secially crafted pillows to them. I based my patterns on Jere Brandvig's QAYG Berries and Cream pillow in McCall's Quick Quilts Feb/March 2015 edition. (I also have Jere's Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern book, which is beautifully done.) I like to make pillows based on something unique to the recipient, so I begin with choosing the fabric for the center of the pillow and build from there.  I made this pillow for my friend Kim, who has several birds in her home.  I joked that if Kim were a bird, she'd look like the one I used for her pillow.

I didn't quilt the one for Kim; it was pretty decorative and I didn't feel it needed the extra quilting.

I made this one for my son's girlfriend who loves cats.  It's quilted using parallel lines.

I previously shared this pillow, made for newlywed friends.


  1. Those are such great gifts. It's great how you have captured their personality and interests in each one.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! It's so nice to get feedback from someone in the quilting community.

  2. Beautiful pillows! These look like a great place to practice free motion quilting. Your friends are lucky to receive these as gifts.

  3. Thank you Sharon! I wish I felt comfortable with FMQ. I pretty much just do parallel lines on everything at this point. Hopefully I can get some practice in and get fancier with designs before too long :)