Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two WDBJ7 employees shot and killed; suspected shooter kills himself

Two WDBJ7 employees shot and killed; suspected shooter kills himself

No this post isn't about quilting.  I am just feeling overwhelmed.  I was raised in Roanoke VA, the Star City of the South.  I've watched as the violence in Roanoke has escalated.  I moved to the "country" to raise my sons, some 24 years ago.  I now live in Bedford, normally a quiet rural community.  Bedford is a large county, but just outside Roanoke at points. Violence has touched our rural community recently, as well.  The shooting yesterday happened in the Moneta area.  My sons attended school in Moneta, but a good way away from Bridgewater Plaza. Bridgewater Plaza is a nice little local and tourist spot at Smith Mountain Lake.  Somewhere I never thought would be the location of an ambush.  I'm just feeling so sad.  I worry about my family, my sons, young men on their own now, both living in Roanoke.  I worry about their partners, I worry about my nieces, I worry about my parents.  I wish there was an easy answer to the violence in our society. In 2015, the U.S. has not gone over an 8 day period without a mass shooting.  As strongly as I believe our gun laws need to change, I don't believe they will.  The NRA has a lot of power and a lot of money.

I'm sad, I'm overwhelmed, I feel deep sorrow.  My heart breaks watching the WDBJ7 crew trying to continue reporting on their own colleagues being gunned down while trying not to dissolve in tears.  I just needed to get some of these feelings out.  Forgive me for using this format, which is usually for sharing our creative experience.  Thank you for listening.  I ask that you pray for the families of Adam and Allison, two bright stars whose lights were snuffed out by a madman.  (What else can I call him?) Please pray for their colleagues and friends at WDBJ7, struggling to continue on publicly through their grief.  I do pray that we'll remain #RoanokeStrong.

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  1. The situation there is really sad -- for everyone. I've been following it here in Richmond. We feel like we know the local TV station reporters and anchors. We feel their grief as if we did know them personally. Thanks for sharing your grief.