Monday, September 14, 2015

QAYG Combined Art Pillow

I had planned on having a big reveal for tonight's post, but I have a bit of a binding issue going on that hasn't quite worked its way out yet.  So I'm sharing a recent smaller project, a pillow I made for my s-i-l. Here's the thing, she's an artist (like a real educated artist), so I'm a little nervous making things for her.

I downloaded and printed (on printer fabric) a picture of one of her art pieces from Facebook, then designed the pillow around it.  I really hope she enjoys our combined artwork.

I used some of Tula Pink's lovely Moon Shine fabric, along with a bit from my stash.
I chose the print on the back because I felt it fit right in with her home in Maine.  We're visiting there next week, so I'll be sneaking it in my husband's suitcase packing it to give her after we get settled in for our stay.

What I learned on this project:  When using a directional print for the back of a pillow, make sure you sew the seams on the panels so they'll be right side up when sewing them on to the front panel. Luckily, that was a pretty quick fix.  (The seam ripper is my friend, the seam ripper is my friend...)

And on another note, I'm so surprised to have won the First Blogaversary Giveaway from Sharla at Thistle Thicket Studio!  Sharla and I got to know each other through the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers blog hop.  She's worked really hard on her blog and it looks great!  Sharla has amazing crafty ideas; I've been thinking about making a ceramic pincushion since I saw the rooster pincushion she made on her blog.  (Can you believe it, I don't have a single pincushion?!?)  I love the typewriter key necklaces she makes too! I'm looking forward to playing with that lovely Shannon Cuddle Charm Pack; I think it would make a lovely baby blanket.  What a generous and thoughtful giveaway.  Go check out Sharla's thistle thicket studio blog, she's amazingly creative!

Keep creating!

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  1. What an awesome idea to print your SIL's artwork on fabric and make pillow! She will love it! So excited for you to get your package and hope you enjoy it. Thanks for linking to my blog too:)