Monday, March 28, 2016

2015 Review and 2016 Starts

Wow, where did 2015 go?  It's interesting looking back to see what quilting projects I completed.  I tend to be so focused on my current project that I forget previous finishes. When reviewing my pictures for the year, I grouped my projects in one folder; as I think it's helpful to track progress.  My husband tells me with each finish, he can see the improvement in my work (of course he's my biggest cheerleader, so ya know).

Jin's 2015 projects

Grandkids QAYG quilts.  One was finished in 2014, one in 2015.

Lotsa pillow practice in 2015!

I am so very proud of this quilt, as it is the first I designed.  It's also special because and I made it as a surprise for my mom.

Oh my goodness, the label about drove me over the edge!  It took me two very frustrating days.

Who didn't make a One Hour Fabric Basket last year?  This was my first sewing experience with canvas, very nice!  I can see many of these in my future.

And since I really liked the fabric, why not make a reversible tote for my youngest niece, who graduated from college with her teaching degree?

A reversible tote for my oldest niece, as we celebrated her birthday and BSN graduation.

Fabric Valentine for my hubby.

OK guys, this was my MONSTER project of 2015. My oldest son was the last to have me make a quilt for him.  (The grandkids were first, then my youngest son.)  I really didn't know this was going to such a difficult pattern (for me). I learned so much the hard way - trial and error, googling, begging for help on my blog.  I learned that not all quilt kits are equal and that not all fabric contained within the quilt kit is equal and not all directions are equal. I also learned to never again use a new type of fabric and a new shape (flannel and chevron in this case) for a project I'm working on without guidance.  It took me a year to complete, with just having to walk away and not touch it for several days at a time. I even got to where I dreaded working on it. It's queen size and I stitched in the ditch for the quilting on my Brother VQ-2400.  

Of course, my Heidi cat was always hanging around to "help".

Quilting frame added to my studio, found on Craigslist.

FMQ practice on the frame.

Completed blocks from the Farm Girl Vintage sew along on my design board.  These will be added to the other blocks I make from the book and be made into a quilt for our bed - my husband is so patient!

Some of my 2015 fabric finds...

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