Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy Home

I had to wait until after my son's Housewarming party to share the project I've been working on since April.  We found the best realtor to work with in finding Chance's first home.  She was so patient, so helpful, so ready to meet us at a moment's notice at yet another house.  She never treated us like we were buying a first-time, lower priced home.  We got to know each other so well that I could tell from the look on her face that we had finally found "the one" when she met us at the final house that became Chance's first home.

With the friendship that developed between us, I wanted to do something extra special for Angie to let her know how much her help meant to us.  I loved the thought of doing a homes quilt for our special realtor.  As I was in the process and discussing it with Chance, he suggested adding him waving from a window of  one of the houses.  We laughed about it and I said what a great idea it was. And then, I got to know that means trouble!

We had a great picture of Chance and Angie in front of his new home, so I decided to change the layout by replacing the middle house block with a picture block.  With inkjet printer fabric, it's really so easy once the picture is edited and the printer set up.  The key is to read and follow the printer fabric instructions closely to ensure the best possible outcome.

I used the Parkview Lane pattern in the Sept/Oct 2014 edition of Quiltmaker Magazine's Parade of Quilted Homes for my/Angie's quilt.

Design wall process

Finished Quilt on Design Wall

I meant to get better pictures before giving this to Angie; however, life gets in the way.  After celebrating my oldest son's college graduation, mourning the loss of my sons' paternal grandfather, preparing for Chance's housewarming, mourning the loss of our sweet furbaby, etc, etc...

Life moves on.  Kids grow up, do their own things in life.  Our furbabies become our babies.  We rescued Spencer after Shawn left for college in 2008.  Eight years later, Shawn has finished his Bachelor's after an extended break and after buying his first home, Chance is settled in his first home and is on to the next phase of his life and career, the step-grandkids are now 14.  We have moved to Hawaii and back with Spencer and Heidi-cat (now 16) in tow every step of the way.  We've celebrated three years of being back in Virginia; time flies, life moves on and we carry our accomplishments and our losses in our hearts always.

RIP sweet Spencer, our aloha boy

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