Monday, June 29, 2015

Stash Score!!!

See all this gorgeous fabric?  Oh my gosh, this was my fabulous birthday find!  It took me several hours to choose from all the goodness at, all 34 yards of it.  You guys aren't going to believe the deal..wait for it...wait for it...

$83.14 before tax!!! Are you kidding me?!?  That works out to $2.45 a yard, holy cow!  

The day before I received this box full of goodness, my Massdrop order
of Tula Pink's Moonshine arrived.  My first Tula Pink!

You can probably tell I'm working on the Farmgirl Vintage blocks from all the gingham and polka dots in my huge fabric find.  The fabric delivery was just on time for me to work on the Autumn Star block, which I finished today.  It took four days, whew!

And here are all the blocks I've completed.

Thanks to my new quilt blogging friend, Megan, at sewstitchingcutequilts I now know about and am linking up to and showing off my fabric find over at Sunday Stash w/ Molli Sparkles, so stop on over and show your stuff off, too!


  1. I think 34 yards of new fabric would put me in a coma! And what an amazing price! Happy birthday to you and I hope you enjoy the new additions to your stash. Your Farmgirl Vintage blocks are looking great.

  2. Hi Jinger: Love that Tula Pink, and your blocks are coming along beautifully.

  3. Hi Me again. I'm sorry I missed all these post. I thought I was following you...but I wasn't. Even if I had been I might have missed posts. It's been so crazy busy with the blog hops.