Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP Wednesday

The great thing about being a newbie quilter is discovering things about my own creative style.  I've posted previously about how excited I was to receive the Farm Girl Vintage book.  I have really enjoyed working on the blocks and I think it's now my favorite quilting project!  I love picking out the fabric and putting everything together.  It still amazes me at how the fabrics are pieced to make the block design.

Yesterday I discovered that I really don't like using plain white fabric as background.  I didn't realize that until I spent an awful lot of time trying to find anything else that I could use besides 'just white'. I finally found a grey and white print fabric to use.  I think I'm going to have to eventually give in and use a plain white; the next block is the Autumn Star and there's a lot of white background.

Here's what my space looks like when I'm pulling fabric for blocks.  This is just one reason I love my studio, I can just turn off the light and leave it until tomorrow (or whenever I can get back to it).  If you look closely, you can see a Michael Miller Modern Basics fat quarter bundle that just came in from Massdrop yesterday.  (And a big thank you to one of my IG quilting buddies for introducing me to Massdrop!)  When I saw this bundle, I knew it would come in handy for my FGV blocks.  Plenty of polka dots and houndstooth!

Here are my 12" blocks so far.  I completely messed up the Apron Strings block; but I think it's my favorite and my hubby says it's definitely his.

Of course, the problem with having so much fun with these blocks is the project that's still looming on my design board, DUNH DUNH DUNH!

Luckily my son isn't in a hurry for it, especially since it's a flannel quilt and we've been in the 90s of late.  My goal is to spend part of each day in the studio sewing together at least one row to break up the frustration, LOL.

Happy quilting friends!


  1. Your blocks are looking great! I love your different backgrounds. I'm using a relatively plain white on white print - it was one I had and I figured I should be using as much from my stash as I can!

  2. I've been there--needing a break from the design wall project, but having another project that could sure use some layout space. I'm probably even more messy in my quilt planning stages. If only I could get into the practice of putting things back afterward. I find this step less motivating since the mystery of the plan has already been solved.

  3. I'm so jealous of your massdrop score! I love that bundle and I've stayed away from massdrop for the last month or so. It's funny how/when you discover your likes and dislikes about colors. Me - I love white backgrounds and can't stand too many different fabrics or really busy fabrics since they're too chaotic for my brain. I'm really getting into low volume backgrounds and love the white/gray fabric you chose for your blocks.

  4. I was afraid of using white when I first started quilting because it seemed so impractical considering I want my quilts to be USED. I got over it but totally agree that a white on white or grey on white is more fun! I often stick with plain white for economical reasons, but hope to branch out more in the future. Is it weird I'm looking for the perfect super light grey polka dot on white fabric?